The Best 7×7 Smart Cube

Smart Cube

The Smart Cube is the first cube designed to be connected to a smartphone. It connects via Bluetooth to the Cube Station App and allows users to practice, compete, and track their progress.

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One of the best 7×7 smart cube currently on the market, the MFJS MeiLong features a controllable turning experience and excellent corner cutting. It has a segmented internal structure that improves torsional stability and an equilateral core design that eliminates lock-ups. It is also lightweight and small by class standards, making it an ideal choice for beginners or anyone who wants to try a larger cube.

Another budget option is the MonsterGo AI 3×3. Made by Gan, it feels like their flagship Bluetooth smartcubes and can be connected to the Cube Station app for cool statistics, tutorials, practice, global online battles, and more. It has 48 magnets and an anti-pop corner foot design and can last up to 280 hours on a single battery charge.

It’s important to remember that not all 7×7 cubes are smart. A professional speedcuber like Feliks Zemdegs can still record competition-winning times with a low-cost cube such as a YuXin Little Magic.


When it comes to 7×7 smart cube, there are a few options available. The most popular is the MFJS MeiLong, which is affordable and highly rated by customers. It is small and relatively slow by class standards, but it’s a good choice for those making their first steps into the larger size.

The Xman Spark is another great option. It is fast and has an excellent feel. The layers feel smooth and the corner cutting is surprisingly good.

One of the best things about this cube is that it connects to the app, which offers a personalized tutorial that helps you learn. This is a huge advantage over watching Youtube tutorials, as the app can show you exactly what your puzzle should look like at any given point. This feature makes it easy to spot problems and improve your solves. It also features a built-in timer to help you track your progress. If you’re a competitive cuber, you can compete in ranked battles with other players.


This cube is quite fast and has a good crisp feel to it. It also has a good corner cutting which is important for a 7×7. The only negative is that the outer layers are a little sticky which can make it hard to solve.

The MFJS MeiLong is an excellent choice for those making their first steps into the 7×7 class. It is lightweight and small by class standards, but it provides great control. It has 144 magnets which provide a strong turning experience. It is available in both stickered and stickerless versions.

YJ have pushed all the quality they could into this cube to give it an excellent price/performance ratio. It is a great option for anyone looking to get into the 7×7 class and offers superb stability and corner cutting. YJ have also included a magnetic design which increases stability and decreases undesirable morphing by snapping the pieces into place when you complete a layer turn.


The Xman Spark is one of the most popular 7×7 smart cube on the market. It has a fast feel with a great crispy sound and solid corner cutting. Its magnets help stabilize the puzzle, decreasing undesirable morphing during solves and increasing accuracy. It’s a great choice for beginners who want to get into speedsolving without spending a lot of money.

While there are many expensive and fast 7x7s on the market, it’s possible to record competition-worthy times with a budget cube like the YuXin Little Magic. With that said, a dedicated speedcuber will probably want to invest in the fastest cube they can afford.

The cube works just like a regular 7×7, but can connect to the Cube Station app for tutorials, practice, cool statistics, and more. It also registers solves almost instantly, so it’s easy to see your progress! The app can also show your time and rank on a leaderboard, so you can compete against other cubers!


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