Breaking Stereotypes: Diversity and Inclusion in Online MBA Classrooms

Online MBA Classrooms

Diversity is the what (the characteristics of the people you work with such as gender, age, ethnicity, disability and education). Inclusion is the how (the behaviours and social norms that ensure people feel welcome). Online MBA programmes in India can be greatly advocated for promoting diversity and inclusion and breaking the age-old stereotypes prevalent in our society.

To promote inclusivity, online classrooms implement inclusive admission practices, offer financial aid & scholarships, provide diversity & inclusion training, foster inclusive campus cultures, promote mentorship and bring networking opportunities for students. 

However, diversity and inclusion in the online MBA courses are hot and debatable subjects. To know more about this aspect of education, keep reading.

Why Does Diversity Matter in Online MBA?

Diversity in online MBA courses matters as it leads to a better learning experience for you. Diversity acknowledges the significance of inclusion and strives to enrich your educational experience, provides you with a global outlook, stimulates innovation & creativity, and nurtures inclusive leadership. Moreover, diversity not only improves the learning experience in school but also leads to a better understanding of customer and cultural needs which ultimately helps in business growth.

Furthermore, it is important for online MBA courses to prioritise diversity to reap the benefits of global participation, creativity, and innovation. By prioritising diversity, it can also create a more inclusive and innovative learning environment for not only students but professors as well.

Diversity and Inclusion in Online MBA

Online MBA programmes in India are highly focused on diversity and inclusion. This is because a wide range of perspectives and experiences can make the learning environment better, foster creativity & innovation, and equip you with the skills needed for the global business world.

Emphasising the inclusion of students from varied backgrounds, experiences, and locations is vital for courses of MBA because a diverse classroom will offer alternative viewpoints, prompting you to become more culturally fluent, and overcome unconscious biases.

Additionally, a diverse classroom promotes discussion, which is where creative ideas are developed. By embracing diversity, you can work towards a more sustainable future for our planet.

Types of Inclusion in Online MBA

Though various types of inclusions can be addressed in an online MBA course, here we have covered the five most important ones which every programme should strive to address.

1. Gender Inclusivity

Business schools in India are taking proactive steps to increase gender diversity in online MBA programmes. They are actively working towards enrolling more female students, especially homemakers, mothers, and victims of acid attacks & rape, so that they can continue their education without any disruptions.

Online MBA has also proven to be a boon for women who can’t travel to distant cities for higher education. Various measures have been implemented in this regard such as mentorship programmes, career counselling, networking opportunities, and scholarships to specifically target female candidates.

2. LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

Online MBA courses are taking steps to create an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students. For LGBTQ+ students who do not wish to physically attend classes but at the same time wish to pursue higher education, an online MBA has become a blessing in disguise.

Support groups and counselling sessions are established, and discussions and events focused on LGBTQ+ issues are organised to encourage understanding and acceptance. This representation is becoming increasingly significant in MBA schools.

3. Minority Inclusivity

To promote equal access and opportunities for marginalised sections of society such as scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and other backward classes, online MBA courses are implementing measures to increase their representation. These measures often include providing reserved seats and scholarships.

4. Socio-Economic Inclusivity

Many Online MBA courses in India are working towards promoting socio-economic diversity by providing scholarships, financial assistance, and flexible payment options to students from economically disadvantaged groups. This is to recognise the importance of inclusion in higher education and the benefits it brings to such groups while pursuing an MBA programme.

5. International student diversity

Online MBA programmes can increase the diversity of their international students by implementing various measures such as creating focused commercials, organising international management groups, and arranging domestic expeditions for international students. The extensive global alumni networks of these schools offer excellent networking opportunities, no matter where your career takes you after graduation.

Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Online MBA Programmes

If you are someone curious to know how diversity and inclusivity in an online MBA programme can help you in a career breakthrough, keep reading.

1. Fostering Innovation

Encouraging innovation in an online class is crucial for passionate discussions, opposing viewpoints, and multiple perspectives. When you collaborate with students from different experiences and viewpoints, you will develop fresh views and ideas which will help you in decision-making & problem-solving processes. The diversity of ideas and experiences nurtures innovation & creativity which will help you produce more creative solutions.

2. Creating a Global Mindset

In online MBA programmes, interacting with a diverse group of students can provide you with valuable skills for navigating different cultures, markets, and work settings in the global corporate world. 

Furthermore, interacting with peers from various backgrounds will help you with cross-cultural competency, adaptability, and appreciation for differing perspectives. As companies are expanding and becoming more multinational, developing a global mindset will help you in career growth.

3. Creating an Inclusive Environment

A diverse classroom is an exact copy of the world we inhabit. This will present you with an opportunity to create products and cater to the needs of these growing populations.

Furthermore, the diversity in the classroom translates to the diversity in the business world, equipping you with the knowledge of cultural nuances and enabling you to make informed business decisions.

4. Representation and Equity

Online MBA programmes promote equity and representation by benefiting diverse sections of society. They provide opportunities and support to underrepresented groups like women, marginalised communities, and individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Additionally, online MBA courses can help eliminate barriers and enable equitable access to education.


It is essential for online MBA courses, particularly those in India, to prioritise diversity and inclusiveness. There has been substantial progress through various initiatives that focus on gender, regional & cultural differences, socioeconomic status, LGBTQ+ inclusion, and representation of underrepresented populations.

However, a few issues remain unsolved like unconscious biases, lack of representation, and the need for an inclusive curriculum & campus culture. Embracing diversity isn’t just a goal, it’s the cornerstone of a  brighter and more equitable educational future. 


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