C919, ARJ21 jetliners get domestic orders at Singapore Airshow

Chinese C919 passenger plane debuts Singapore Airshow

Two Chinese air-service companies signed orders for 40 units of C919 and 16 units of ARJ21 aircraft at the Singapore Airshow, which kicked off Tuesday.

The Tibet Airlines and the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) finalized an order for 40 units of the C919 plateau variant and 10 units of the ARJ21 plateau variant.

Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Group signed an agreement with the COMAC for six units of ARJ21-derived models, including ARJ21 fire fighting jet, ARJ21 medical service jet, and ARJ21 emergency management jet.

The C919 plateau variant features a shortened fuselage and high-altitude modifications to meet the transportation requirements of high-altitude regions. With a seating capacity of 140-160, its takeoff and landing capability is suitable for all high-altitude airports in China, according to the COMAC.

The ARJ21 plateau variant has a maximum takeoff and landing altitude of 14,500 feet. It covers a majority of high-altitude airports within China, COMAC added. 



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