Enhance Your Audiovisual Experience With a Leading AV Company Miami


Audio Visual (AV) companies provide a range of services, from installation and integration through maintenance and support to event production services and equipment rental services.

Installing audiovisual (AV) equipment in your conference room can make meetings more engaging and more productive, and Lunis Systems experts know which solutions work best in different office settings.

Video System Design

An audiovisual (AV) system design involves more than simply attaching displays to walls and plugging in equipment; it requires the expertise of a professional AV company who knows how to map out an integrated solution, so all components work in harmony to meet a client’s goals and needs.

Selecting an AV integration firm with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience can be the difference in the success of your project. They will be able to supply you with top quality hardware, provide suggestions on the newest tech advances, and install everything without damaging property or leaving a mess behind.

Lunis, an AV Company Miami, will also offer you a complete service that includes training and maintenance to make sure that your AV system remains up and running at all times.

Video Distribution

Distributed video allows one source to be shared across multiple TVs in your home, eliminating the need for multiple sources and making it easier to store all equipment within closets or basements.

Lunis believes inflation has also increased costs for audio-visual suppliers, necessitating event planners to collaborate even harder with their suppliers to save budget while producing top-tier events.

Local talent pools for audio visual technicians are scarce. Vaccination rates remain low and many who worked in the industry before the pandemic have since left, leading to higher travel and trucking expenses for AV companies.

TV Mounting

Wall-mounting your TV can help free up space in your living room and set it at just the right height, reducing neck and eye strain while creating an immersive home cinema experience.

TV mounting can be accomplished on your own, but to ensure success it is essential that all hardware used meets weight specifications for your television set and that someone assist in lifting it to its mounting plate.

Before beginning, locate the mounting plate attachment holes on the rear of your TV and connect the mount plate using its associated hardware.

Home Theatre Installation

If you want to create a home theater to impress guests and enhance the movie-watching experience, hire a professional to install one in your house. Experienced technicians understand how best to integrate video and audio components for optimal performance in their systems.

Professional speakers installers know exactly how to position speakers for optimal acoustics and will know how best to conceal wires for a clutter-free media room experience.

Most speaker wire is covered in a wax sheath to protect it, but this sheath can easily be cut away with scissors or wire cutters to expose the copper wiring beneath.

Smart Home Automation

Home automation involves using smart gadgets connected to the internet that work in collaboration to enable control of lights, appliances, doorbells and more in your home.

Technology like this offers great potential when it comes to security and family protection. Furthermore, it can help save energy costs.

Before investing in a smart home system, it is important to carefully consider your desired functionality outcomes and then select an affordable system suited to both lifestyle and budget needs. From smart light bulbs with dimmable functionality and 16 million colors available through automation to full house control systems – there’s sure to be something suitable!

LED Wall Installation

LED walls are stunning works of technology that never fail to stun their audiences. Efficient and durable, LED walls come in any size or shape for any event or display and have numerous advantages including zero color shift from any angle or distance, high visibility, reduced power consumption, and zero cost per light source consumption.

LED video walls don’t require backdrops or painting walls to set up and are more cost-effective to maintain than their competition, making them easier and cheaper to set up and keep running. Schools and universities that invest in such sophisticated equipment send a signal that they are committed to progress that will appeal to parents and potential students.


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